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Imagine the woman who stands over you in your fantasies – who is she? Is she an aggressive and sadistic femme fatale? Is she laughing at you? Perhaps she’s a stern and formal disciplinarian – a boss or colleague? She might have a loving, nurturing side, gently correcting you rather than turning the screw.

She could be having a lot of fun toying with you, or taking your formal punishment very, very seriously. She might be furious, compassionate, playful, strict…out of reach, or intoxicatingly close. She uses glamour and intuition to overpower you. She is using you for her own pleasure.


I like to get what I want – and you’re here because the same is true of you. You want to understand the magic of submitting to an experienced Mistress, yet one who challenges the cliches and expectations of all kink can be.
I’m a switch – which quite simply means that I could be the dominant seductress or the submissive play-thing of your dreams, and anything in between. 
I’m also a sensual sadist, a playful tease, a strict bitch, the devil in disguise. I’m the real deal. 


Control is my forte. I relish cerebrally charged encounters that involve correcting you, firmly and deliciously.  I luxuriate in scenarios where I rob you of your power, violently or sweetly, requesting that you drop to your knees and offer it willingly. 
I want to experience your helplessness, your embarrassment, your struggle and your abandon. I want to be the best Mistress you’ve ever had, and be a real bitch about it.  I want to help you to be a good boy. 


In a world where many find themselves chained to a desk, a date with me is a luxury – a decadence that you deserve. As a devout pervert, my style is flawless – both intuitive and technical.
With expert versatility, I bring together a unique mixture of BDSM skills and inate interpersonal dynamics in my sessions. Having honed my skills at an elite London BDSM establishment, I have a formidable wealth of experience. And, with a 100% positive review rate, my reputation as one of the foremost young players in the scene is firmly established.


 Any Questions...?


I have never done this before – I’m not even sure what I’ll be into!

Don’t worry. Plenty of my clients are new to BDSM. Some have literally no idea what they’ll be into, but just have a vague sense of their nascent kinky sexuality emerging.  Some of them have worries about not having the necessary technical skills to take part in power exchange properly. Some know that they like the idea of rope bondage or spanking, but feel shy about making it happen. Again, don’t worry. I will put you straight at ease and help you realise your fantasy, whatever it is. You’re in safe, experienced hands.

Still a little hesitant? My friend Maya wrote this great post about articulating your desires. My reviews page is also a good place to start if you’d like an idea of how my sessions often go. Or you can get to know me a little better by checking out my blog and twitter pages. 

I don’t like pain/I can't have bruises

Not everybody is turned on by pain - some are sensual creatures whilst others experience kink via emotional and psychological routes only. Whether you are one or a combination of these things, I'm sensitive to both limits and needs around discretion. If pain intrigues you but makes you nervous, we can take it very slow - there are so many different kind of sensations to play with, and I utilise a huge range of implements that showcase them all. Leaving marks is entirely unnecessary.

I’m Dominant - do you switch?

Yes! Read more about my submissive side here. My years of experience as a professional submissive have made me versatile and inventive – I can play any role, and I’m passionate about matching your fantasies in every detail. 

What makes you unique?

It's relatively rare for a professional dominant to also be a switch, and to integrate this into her BDSM work. Fluid power dynamics play a part my sessions where appropriate, and see no reason why FemDom should automatically be synonymous with female chasteness and untouchability. (Though playing with denial can be very sexy!) Ultimately I’m less interested in rigid, traditional notions of ‘true’ domination, which I sometimes find outdated and limiting. I take a holistic approach to crafting the perfect BDSM moment.

What keeps my regular play partners coming back to me is my warmth and approachability. Much as I love to inhabit a fantasy role, when my leather thigh boots come off, I’m the opposite of cold and untouchable. And though I love to drop to my knees and serve, I have never been shy or submissive socially. What remains after we play is my thoughtful, sophisticated understanding of human sexuality, and a drive to get to the heart of what makes you tick. I’m a born role-player (see my reviews) with a passion for dressing the part. I have several wardrobes bursting full of clothes and thousands of ideas in my head about how to create your perfect fantasy scene. Let's go. 



Let's meet each other


My Services

Full Personal/Erotic Contact

I'm an escort as well as a pro-BDSM provider. This means that activities on a spectrum of sensuality (from kissing to full intimacy) can form a part of the sessions we plan together. 


Sensual Domination

Sensual domination - the term often given to tie-and-tease style activities. It tends to be used as a code for 'light domination' but to me it refers to a certain level of tender tactility; more pleasure mixed in with the punishment. I would describe myself as domme escort, rather than a traditional Mistress, so I don’t draw artificial boundaries around intimacy. Lots of people are looking for a strap on experience that's less intense and less threatening than a dungeon setting, with only a subtle power exchange, and that could be the same kind of experience you might have with any other provider who offers GFE dates, if that's what you felt would work best for your fantasy.


Anal Play

No longer as taboo as it once was, anal play is on many people's list of ultimate turn ons. This might include prostate play, toys, fisting, training etc. Of course, for many people, pegging is the ultimate act of submission - erotic, highly stimulating, and hugely rewarding emotionally. It is can also be challenging psychologically - which can be erotic too - but I consider myself a pretty expert strap on escort, so you're in very safe, experienced hands.


Corporal Punishment / Impact Play

Corporal Punishment; also known as giving someone a good spanking or beating, across the back, legs or bottom with a Cane, Strap, Belt, Paddle, Whip, Flogger, Tawse, Slipper, Ruler or Hairbrush. Lots of people are curious about impact play but cautious about marking - if that's the case let me know and we can explore in ways that avoid this. Not all impact fans are die-hard masochists - some enjoy the idea of a spanking (perhaps used as a threat in a role play) much sexier than receiving one. Let's figure it out together.



Being into humiliation is completely normal, but something that a lot of people find difficult to ask for, (or to dish out, for that matter!) This is why people reach out to a dominatrix escort or a role-play escort, because as a professional, I know how to do it right. Popular activities in sessions include embarrassment, degradation, abuse, directed/instructed masturbation, voyeurism/exposure, human furniture or size humiliation. Sessions like these could also include vanilla audience or some other type of exhibitionism in front of others, but these require careful planning.


Threesomes & Couples Coaching

Playing with a third can be heaven on earth, and a kinky escort can be just the right person to help you (and your partner) discover some fantasies, dynamics or roleplays that you’ve been hesitant to explore on your own. If said fantasies involve particular skills that make you unsure of yourself, then I can show you how it's done - I really love to teach people BDSM techniques and watch them enjoy themselves. Contact me to learn more about impact play, bondage, creating scenes, anal play, dirty talk...



Role play with a fetish escort is a very easy way to get out of your head and into a kink. Popular D/s role-plays include teacher/sixth former, boss/intern, husband/wife, doctor/patient,  Warden/prisoner, Police/suspect, Aunt/nephew, Stepmother/stepson, and so on.

Lots of these power dynamics and imbalances are ones we are familiar with in life and so it comes as little surprise that we then eroticise them in the bedroom. Of course, some types of play take role play to the next level; things like domestic service, slave training, financial domination and chastity device key-holding. If you're a committed player, I'm very game; let's draw up a script.



Fetishes are fun and completely normal, and I love to explore new ones with clients. Foot worship is a firm favourite, and so if you have any kind of shoe fetish or foot fetish then let me know. Boot worship & trampling are both things I'd like to try more of!

Fabric fetishism is also fun: maybe you have a thing for leather, fur, latex, silk, or rubber? Or maybe you have a little fixation on a particular item of clothing, worn by a pretty girl? White Panties, jeans, silk scarves, gloves, hosiery/pantyhose/tights, lingerie...needless to say, I very much enjoy being dressed up in these things and worshipped like a goddess.


Group Sex & Duos

Many people have dreamed of having a threesome, but haven’t been able to make it happen. Perhaps you’d like to watch (or join in with!) a bisexual encounter between me and one of my lovers, or explore group sex with a partner. We can invite along a submissive escort so we can dominate her together. Or, if you're the submissive one, you can enjoy the experience of double domination!


Gender & Sexuality Play

Gender and sexuality are weird and wonderful things, there to be played with. Things like forced feminisation, sissification, crossdressing, forced bi play, and cuckolding can often bring up these themes. Whether you identify as straight or bi; whether you like the idea of sucking another man’s cock or just watching him fuck your wife; whether you feel masculine or feminine - roleplaying around these themes can be very sexy, and if you'd like to take it one step further, we can invite one of my male lovers too.



Tickling - a classic site of power exchange, a great reason to tie someone up very tightly, and most importantly, a whole heap of fun. When I meet someone with a tickling fetish, I know I'm in for a good time. 


Orgasm Control & Edging

Usually paired with bondage or sensory deprivation, orgasm control entails pushing you to the edge and keeping you there. It's less about release, and all about tension and control, as well as being very intimate and great for getting into a deep, disinhibited D/s headspace.


Sex Toys

Whether used on you or me, toys are always a vital part of my kink kit; Magic Wands, Vibrators, Strap On Dildos, Sybian machine or Prostate Toys. What would you like to play with?



A love of watersports (sometimes referred to as golden Showers or just GS) is a classic fetish and something many have been into from an early age. It can take the form of a role play where themes around desperation and humiliation come up, or else be an extravagant indulgence of the visceral kind. 💦


Sadism & Masochism

The SM in BDSM - electrics, hot wax, needle play, sounding, CBT, clamps and ballbusting are the tip of the iceberg. If any of these make you go ouch (in a good way) let me know.


Sensory & Movement Deprivation

Bondage is one of my favourites - I enjoy playing with cuffs, bondage tape, spreader bars and rope. Gagging, blindfolding and other forms of sensory deprivation are great to add into the mix. 



I love intense and prolonged body worship -  whether it’s bottom worship, leg worship, foot worship, facesitting or queening. A good submissive knows this is usually step one when you’re looking to make a Mistress feel relaxed and adored.


Consensual Non Consent

Consensual Non Consent, or ConNonCon, refers to a power dynamic where we play around with the idea that one party is being forced or coerced against their will, or is otherwise less powerful. This could include hostage scenes, forced intox (intoxication) or other coercive play dynamics like teacher/student. This stuff is quite taboo so requires careful negotiation beforehand - along with tickling, it's one of the activities where a safewords come in useful most often (especially if your acting skills are highly convincing!)

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